We are here primarily to support the category 1 responders such as NHS, Police, Scottish Fire and Rescue and local authorities through resilience partnerships, when adverse weather such as snow, ice and flooding means that their ability to support our communities becomes difficult.  We can assist by transporting staff into control rooms, hospitals or even take them out to visit the most vulnerable people in our communities.  We will also provide assistance by transporting prescriptions, food (meals on wheels) or by assisting with the removal of stranded motorists to rest centres.  In fact we can even support them during non-weather related incidents by providing logistical support.

We also support housing associations to look after the most vulnerable by ensuring for example that a heating engineer can get to them and fix their heating.

We are not however a blue light service and we don’t respond to emergency calls, we support those services through a co-ordinated process by ensuring they can get the staff and resources they require to the where they need them to be.

We provide our support by having a team of volunteers who own a 4×4 vehicle which is suitable for working in the harshest of environments from the Glens of Angus to the hills of Perthshire and everything in between.  All of the volunteers are 4×4 enthusiasts who are PVG checked, covered by our insurance, have additional 4×4 training and have been advance driver assessed meaning that any passenger will feel safe.